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Installing solar panels is not only future-proofing your home, but it also gives you the ability to save thousands on your electrical bills over the course of a few years; they basically pay for themselves! If you’re ready to go green, let our team help you figure out the best plan for installing solar in your home or business.

No job is too big or too small for our experienced team of accredited solar electricians.

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Going green has never been so easy!

Solar panels are a key element when it comes to your home’s sustainability, and when installed correctly they have the ability to pay for themselves in three to six years! What other home appliance can make that claim?

It can be overwhelming looking at all of the solar options available out there, but our friendly team at Bradfield Electrical help take the confusion out of installing solar panels. We can advise you on what size, location, and brand would best suit your situation and meet all of your electrical needs. 

There are enough costs associated with owning a home, install solar panels now to not only add value to the building, but also start getting money back on those beautiful, sunny Australian days! 

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